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Ready to get away, but not sure where to start? Hi! I'm Janice Connell.,owner of Island Oasis Travel, and I'm here to help you make that very decision. Looking at booking a destination wedding? Worried you're not going to pick the place that is right for you? Don't worry! Looking to experience the fun and adventure of a cruise, but not sure which way to sail? I'm right here for you!

I've been helping manifest fantastic all-inclusive vacations, destination weddings, and cruises for over 16 years! My goal is always 100% customer satisfaction, the highest honor being a referral from one of my previous clients.

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Midwest Destination Weddings, Vacations, And Cruises | Island Oasis Travel


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Destination Weddings and FREE Weddings

It's the perfect experience! What a better way to start out a new life together than to go someplace new and wonderful! On that same note, getting there and making sure it all stays in order is a nightmare. Trust me, I've seen the Orbits and Expedia attempts gone nightmarish and wouldn't wish that on anyone in the world. That's where I come in. I will take your dream and make it a reality. Call me your vacation, wedding, honeymoon, new location, I'm-scared-I-don't-think-I-can-do-it Coach! When you're ready to make your destination weddings dreams come true, give your coach a call and I'll put things in order for you.

Cruises, Cruises, and more Cruises!

No joke. They go everywhere. Grab a global map, close your eyes, and throw your finger down on any part marked "blue" and we can most likely find you a cruise line that passes close by. Ocean voyages at their best, for couples or families looking to get away, but aren't sure what they want OR not sure what the difference is, drop me a line! I can put you into a cruise that will best fit your search criteria.

Gear Up for All-Inclusive Vacations

Many travel agents can open a travel magizine and point you to beautiful picture. Heck, that's easy. I prefer draw from my own collection from the many, many places I've "tested out" for my clients. Oh, the hardship. I'll tell you the best places to visit and the places to stay away from on your All-Inclusive vacation to one of many, many wonderful locations. Food, drinks, on-site events, all covered by your package, you will spend a fantastic vacation enjoying the beauty and luxury of Mexio, Jamaica or Costa Rica. Let me know when you'd like to feel the sand beneath your toes and I'll whip together a vacation package made just for you!

Serving All of Southern Illinois... and The World!

I'm only limited by the reach of my phone and email. Oddly enough, those can reach very far, so I'm ready and waiting to deliver the best service to you and all your family and friends. Ready to take a trip? Need help with booking a plane? Planning a vacation soon? Getting married and want to get away?? You know who to call.