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My name is Janice Connell, owner of Island Oasis Travel. Traveling is my passion, and to help you get better aquainted with myself and the tenacity I put into serving each and every client that invests with me, I've decided to jot down a quick reflection of why I love traveling so much!

Getting The Travel Fever

When I was a child, the youngest of three, my travel consisted of sitting on the floor board of my dad's Thunderbird, going to either Georgia or Kansas! God love them both! Lot's of great memories. Though the endless flatlands keep me semi-occupied, my true passion was to see the world! So, I graduated early from high school and a week later started college at Belleville Area College. But, as a young, energetic world-traveler-to-be, I really wasn't ready for the "big college scene." ( for those who have attended what is now SWIC, I'm sure you'll get a chuckle from my teenage mindset.)

Two Little Bumps Become The Little Engine That Could

Soon afterwards, I was interviewed by a Travel School out of Miami! 12 weeks of online classes, done in a heart-beat. Next up, was I ready to see Miami for 6 weeks and stay at there campus to finish my degree? Not so much. In the mist of everything, this poor little 18-year-old ended up pregnant with twins! Yes, little old me! How was I going to handle this?? Well, I was soon blessed with a beautiful son and daughter, weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs 12 oz. As this is even little by today's standards, back in 1988 the doctors didn't even know if they would make it. Thankfully, they did!  But at 19, I once again felt as though I was sitting on the floorboard of my dad's Thunderbird, stuck somewhere between Georgia and Kansas. Looking back, it hasn't been easy, but my children are 25 now and are so wonderful, I don't know what I would do without them. They gave the the drive to meet get back up off the floorboard and look beyond the horizons of my youth.

My Carrier and Business Takes Off!

Soon after, I started my career at Off We Go Travel in O'Fallon, Illinois. They were very good to me during the 8 years I invested there and I learned so much. After that, I decided to take a chance! I found the perfect location over on North Belt West in Belleville to open my own little business. It was called Island Oasis Salon. Well, you guessed it, I decided to call myself Island Oasis Travel. Business went well for us and after being there for 7 years, I decided to tak another chance by finding a better location, so I moved to where I am now. Each time I've taken a chance, there has always been risk, but every time I do, it just keeps getting better.

Each and Every Day

I love what I do, and I love the referrals I get everyday! I love my clients, and I love that I get a chance everyday to keep meeting more clients, and making them as happy as everyone else. I am a very compassionate and loving person. I hope to meet you one day! Just pick up the phone, let's see what we can do together!

At, Island Oasis Travel, We'll Get You There! 

 - Janice Connell