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Traveling Tips From Island Oasis Travel

Here are some of the simple tips I give to all my customers to help them make the most of their vacation and traveling experience.

Make Sure You Have a Valid Passport

Make sure you have a signed, valid passport, and a visa, if required, and fill in the emergency information page of your passport. If you do not have a passport you can head down down to your local post office and fill out a passport request form. Additionally, you can download the passport request form from If you would like to get your passport quickly, you can use 

Additionally, if you are traveling within the US border, US Virgin Islands, Puerta Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, or American Samoa you do not need a passport.

Confirm Your Flight Time 24 Prior to Departure

It's important to call your airlines within 24 hours of your flight to make sure it hasn't been rescheduled or cancelled. Weather delays or mechanical failures will always alter a flight time even up to the time of departure, but there are times when a airline will change a flight time for other reasons to make their flights work together on any specific day.

Plan Your Luggage and Carry-ons

All airlines will allow you one personal item, and one carry on. The personal item could be a purse, but it also could be a small backpack or laptop case. This would be in addition to the carry-on. Many business travelers will skip checking in luggage and just have their clothes in the carry-on and their laptop and electronics in the personal item, however this trick usually doesn't work for vacation goers. Also, if a flight is full you may be asked to check in your carry-on at no-charge (most of the times).

Our Charter Airline provide 1 free luggage up to 50lbs, so take this into account if you like to pack light.

Leave Copies of Your Travel Itinerary For Emerency Contact

This is important for general security and emergency reasons. Leave your travel itinerary and contact information with people you trust, that way if an emergency arises, you can be notified.