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Let Island Oasis Travel Help You Look Great At Your Wedding!

Most of the brides I deal with will tell me they are planning on hitting the gym consistantly at least 3 to 4 months before their wedding, and while that sounds good, it usually ends up with little to no results. As a travel agent who regularly sees this and has much exerpeince in helping brides actually lose they weight they want, I've put together my recommendations to make sure you look GREAT on your wedding day.

How Do I Loose Weight Naturally??

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They say that losing weight is 15% in the gym and 85% in the kitchen, and they would be almost right - except it's not the "kitchen" - it's the fact the food you eat does not supply the basics your body needs for burning the calories you regularly consume. You've seen fat burners and metabolism boosters, but those are just fancy names for a partial collection of vitamins your body NEEDS - alongside a collection of other stuff your body doesn't. Losing weight naturally involves maximizing the natural fat-burning catalysts your body already has!

Getting In the Right Mindset

In order for you to loose weight and look great for your wedding, you will need to get that 85% on the right track - then hit the gym and maximize the potential of your 15%. You body is starving for proper vitamins and nutrients on a regular basis and spends most of its time trying to recover from this instead of properly burning the fat you currently are struggling with, and then deal with the calories you are consuming. It's time to put a stop to it by taking the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!

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Let Island Oasis Travel Put You in Your Dress... and More!

I am only one of the many, many people who have lost weight by taking this challenge and making this change, and I here to make sure you have the same opportunity, not only to look great and fit in your dress, but also make the right additions to your eating habits to give you a life-time of proper weight managment skills!