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Get The Vaction of Your Dreams!

You can easily afford the vacation of your dreams while paying at a rate that is comfortable for you. All our charter vacation packages require either a $50 or $150 down-payment per person (drop me a line to find out which one is which!) and then the ful ballance is due within 45 prior to departure!

Planning Out Your Payments

Island Oasis Travel recommends setting up your vacation far enough out so you can pay it off without any headaches. For a $1,000 per person vacation plan with a $50 down-payment, you could book it 10 months out and only pay $95 a month, per person, for your fabulous get-away!

Midwest Destination Weddings, Vacations, And Cruises | Pay Over Time Example

Our All-Inclusive Vacation packages work best this way, as you can just leave your wallet at your hotel for a week and never worry about spending anything while you are there!